Yellow Shop

Yellow Shop is a clothing store that specialises in retro and vintage clothing from the USA and Europe, working with selected suppliers to buy, sort and revitalise retro clothing, so that customers won’t find anything that they might find in other UK second-hand stores.

Vintage mens shirts

“Our major demographic is the younger generation and its very satisfying to be able to develop their interest in retro clothes, shopping responsibly and ethically.” – Chris, manager.

90% of Yellow Shop stock is pre-owned, showing that you can dress fashionably without impacting the environment in the way that the fast-fashion “throwaway” industry does. In store, you can find anything from one-off pieces that are handmade, American labels that are otherwise unavailable in the UK, down to well-known brand names available at a fraction of the normal cost.

Vintage womens shirts

When you wander across the brightly painted store front in an otherwise stone coloured city, with its trend-heavy stock, it is no surprise that Yellow Shop has been standing strong for over 20 years. “We give the clothes here the love and care that they deserve ensuring that they are in the best possible condition before they are made available for our customers.”
Open 7 Days
Address: 72 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BD
Phone: 01225 404001


kimchi and cheese sandwich

You can bet that you will get a warm welcome when you visit Cascara, a vegan café in the heart of Bath. Offering delicious, homely dishes to keep you going, you’ll also be spoilt for choice with their cake selection, superfood lattes, juices and smoothies. Furthermore, they cater for those who follow a gluten free diet.

The owner, Sus, has done a lot of work to get to where she is today. Many people recognise her from her blog, Rough Measures, which was born out of living on a narrowboat and a passion for veggie and vegan food. She also set up the Bath Food Waste page on Instagram.

“I think the main thing that stands out for me is we genuinely care: about you, your day, our food, your experience here and also the planet.” – Sus.

Hot chocolate and Crumbs magazine

At Cascara, they are working to reduce waste by offering a good discount when you bring your own takeaway cup, they use compostable takeaway packaging, and their straws are made from real straw and are sourced from a company that gives some profits back to turtle conservations. Plus, spare veg is often used in other dishes, such as hearty, wholesome soups.

At Cascara, although the majority of their food is made in house, they are always looking to support like-minded businesses and innovators. Some cakes are bought in from local bakers, they display and sell terrariums from Terrachic and other works by local artists, as well as hosting the occasional workshop. “We want to continue to support companies that give something back. Keep rewarding customers who are focussed on our ethical values too.”

Open 7 days
Address: 3 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG
Phone: 01225 542636


Belle Isle Botanicals

You can find delicious smelling candles and skin care products in every second shop these days, but majority of the time it’s hard to know what the ingredients are and where they have come from. Belle Isle Botanicals is doing everything right, prioritising transparency with their products, and building a business that gives back.

Lavender body balm

“We really believe in the power of plants, so all of our skincare is 100% natural. We use organic cocoa butter, shea butter and pure essential oils to create products that actually work, without the unidentifiable ingredients you often get from larger brands.” – Roseanna, founder.

All of the ingredients that are used in making their products are sourced from trusted UK suppliers and nothing gets wasted. There are no single-use plastics in sight, and all orders are packaged with paper, cardboard and recyclable tape. They also encourage their customers to re-use the tins by sending them back to be refilled. Furthermore, leftover wax is used to create unique candles, and they sell the ones that go a little bit wonky at half the price of the regular candles.

Belle Isle Botanicals is a vegan business, so you can rest assured that no animals are harmed in the making of any products. They use soy wax instead of beeswax, vegan friendly fragrance oils, and plant-based ingredients wherever possible.

Belle Isle Pride Candle

But wait, it gets better… at Belle Isle Botanicals, charity donation is the drive behind the business. They donate 10% of the profits to a different charity every quarter. “I actually had to be talked out of donating 50% of profits because, apparently, you need to make money to run a business.” They have recently donated to Bloody Good Period, as well as DOTS, Isle of Wight Pride, and created a Pride candle from which 20% of profits go to Stonewall.

You can find Belle Isle Botanicals at numerous markets and festivals around the Bath/Bristol area, including the Bristol Harbourside Market, the Bath Artisan Market, selected vegan fairs and more, or you can buy the products online at the link below.