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The fashion industry is said to be the second most polluting industry after oil. Sarina, founder of Smartsquid, is passionate about building a sustainable fashion business, only using garments from certified sustainable suppliers, and using low-impact inks for her beautiful prints, showcasing creatures that, in her opinion, ‘need a bit more appreciation’.

“Smartsquid focuses on creating unique items to spark ecological conversations.” – Sarina, Founder.

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Smartsquid is a wonderfully transparent business, making sure that its customers are aware of the origins of the materials used, whether it’s organic cotton, recycled fabrics or water-based Soil Association certified organic inks.

EarthPositive or Stanley/Stella t-shirts are used as a base for SmartSquid designs. The cotton for these garments is grown in India on an organic cotton farm, where the entire production process is certified in accordance with the latest version of the Global Organic Textile Standard. When the t-shirts are made from recycled fabrics, they are made using a blend of pre-consumer recycled organic cotton and post-consumer recycled plastic. The finished garments are certified under the Global Recycle Standard and the Organic Content Standard by the Control Union Certifications.

What really makes Smartsquid garments original, however, are the print designs. There are currently two collections available: ‘Ocean Creatures’, features whales, sharks, seabirds, grey seals, turtles and dolphins, with 20% of profits going to The Ocean Clean Up. The ‘Dung Ecology Collection’ features dung beetles, blow flies and earthworms.

“The dung ecology depicts the degradation of a dung pat, a really important process that needs some attention. Recent work suggests that dung beetles and flies are negatively affected by some common pesticides. We need these creatures for farming to run smoothly!” – Sarina.

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Smartsquid products currently only for sale on the website listed below. Click here to find out more about the Smartsquid ethos.


Author: Lucy Fleming

Creative Writing and Publishing undergraduate student at Bath Spa University. Passionate about art and design, fiction writing, sustainability and equality.

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