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Relish vegan catering is one of those new small businesses that has absolutely taken off! Founder, Amy, is passionate about spreading the plant-based diet and ‘normalising’ vegan food, and she does so very successfully with her array of cakes and dishes that are made to order. Possibly the best thing about Relish is that, when biting into any of their products, you would be surprised that it’s vegan at all, as it tastes just as indulgent and delicious as any non-vegan cake.

“We make food that’s considered ‘normal’ so it’s not off-putting or daunting for meat-eaters or vegetarians to approach us.” – Amy.

At Relish, they do their best to buy fair-trade ingredients and avoid supermarkets where possible, but their main focus is minimising animal cruelty and the impact that the meat and dairy industry have on our planet.

“We respect all animals and therefore do not feel the need for them to suffer in order to make food that we can make just as well (if not better).” – Amy.

vegan sausage rolls

From stunning celebration cakes, to flavourful sausage rolls, to their infamous Bakewell tarts, Relish bakes have become a favourite in Bath, and you can them in many cafes scattered in and around the city, including Cascara, Friends are Electric and Society Café.

Keep an eye on the Relish Instagram page, where Amy often posts budget-friendly, delicious and healthy vegan recipes, which are especially wonderful for those who are transitioning to a vegan diet or are simply trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily lives.


Author: Lucy Fleming

Creative Writing and Publishing undergraduate student at Bath Spa University. Passionate about art and design, fiction writing, sustainability and equality.

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