Yellow Shop

Levis demin

Yellow Shop is a clothing store that specialises in retro and vintage clothing from the USA and Europe, working with selected suppliers to buy, sort and revitalise retro clothing, so that customers won’t find anything that they might find in other UK second-hand stores.

Vintage mens shirts

“Our major demographic is the younger generation and its very satisfying to be able to develop their interest in retro clothes, shopping responsibly and ethically.” – Chris, manager.

90% of Yellow Shop stock is pre-owned, showing that you can dress fashionably without impacting the environment in the way that the fast-fashion “throwaway” industry does. In store, you can find anything from one-off pieces that are handmade, American labels that are otherwise unavailable in the UK, down to well-known brand names available at a fraction of the normal cost.

Vintage womens shirts

When you wander across the brightly painted store front in an otherwise stone coloured city, with its trend-heavy stock, it is no surprise that Yellow Shop has been standing strong for over 20 years. “We give the clothes here the love and care that they deserve ensuring that they are in the best possible condition before they are made available for our customers.”
Open 7 Days
Address: 72 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BD
Phone: 01225 404001


Author: Lucy Fleming

Creative Writing and Publishing undergraduate student at Bath Spa University. Passionate about art and design, fiction writing, sustainability and equality.

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